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A cool new addon plugin is released today : A jQuery GalleryView plugin for NextGen Gallery. No more breaking WordPress / jQuery with the CowTools SmoothGallery plugin. You can see some screenshots about it on the blog of John Brien or download the plugin from wordpress.org :

Download WordPress NextGen GalleryView
Release @ WordPress.org

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  1. Gravatar Icon 1 Lesley T Posted October 20th, 2010 - 19:35

    I have been waiting for this plug-in for ages….and can’t believe I checked your site at the right time. I’ve been spending hours playing with the source code of the old Galleryview to get it looking right.

    Anyway, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

  2. Gravatar Icon 2 alex.rabe Posted October 20th, 2010 - 20:33

    Please thank John Brien, not me :-)

  3. Gravatar Icon 3 T.M. Posted October 21st, 2010 - 01:21

    Feeling a little silly to ask this:

    Where exactly do I find the configuration screens that John posted images of? Running WP 3.0.1 and I have both NGG 1.6.2 and NGG 1.0.1 galleryview plugins installed. Can’t find these menus and the aspect ratio on the images is 4:3 instead of 3:2 on the images I tested this on.

  4. Gravatar Icon 4 Ed Posted October 29th, 2010 - 12:01

    Is this an all new version or a variation on the previous Galleryview plugin?

  5. Gravatar Icon 5 Yuri Posted November 2nd, 2010 - 01:11

    Does not function in wp 3.0. Inside dashboard it does show this nice presentation with filmstrip underneath, however when I put [galleryview=id:1;] inside my page, it does not show this nice viewer with filmstrip but drops all the full images underneath on the page.

  6. Gravatar Icon 6 Hannah Posted November 2nd, 2010 - 01:32

    Hi, I’m wondering if there’s a way in NextGEN, or a related plugin for it, to display thumbs of several galleries for users to navigate through. I love the new NG GalleryView, and it’s close, but just shows thumbs of the images in one given gallery, and for the project I’m working on I need them to link to more than one gallery. Thanks so much, you can email me with your answer if you like…

  7. Gravatar Icon 7 Scott Posted November 3rd, 2010 - 22:43

    Nice! Got it up and running. Thanks!

  8. Gravatar Icon 8 Tom Faber Posted November 9th, 2010 - 14:40

    Great plugin!

    It took us some getting used to but it looks great!

    We do still have one problem:


    On this site, you can see how everything runs smoothly up to the blueish sticker. The whole thumbnail strip flips and returns to it’s original state.

    Does anyone know what could be the problem?

    Any ideas would be much apreciated!

  9. Gravatar Icon 9 Michael Posted November 9th, 2010 - 17:42

    THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It saved my life coz the original Smooth gallery doesn’t work with my own JQuery scripts!

  10. Gravatar Icon 10 Gary Posted November 17th, 2010 - 21:56

    It’s a great plugin with the TwentyTen theme, just can’t seem to get this to work with the ‘Speaky’ theme. Doesn’t help I am a noob to CSS etc. But having a technical background I am wondering where to look first. The Gallery doesn’t load but looks like its dropping all the images below the post/page but not actually in view i.e a blank screen.

  11. Gravatar Icon 11 Gary Posted November 17th, 2010 - 22:08

    Update: I installed WP-Nivo-Slider after running firebug and seeing the error indicating that Nivo slider was not a function.

  12. Gravatar Icon 12 Alex Posted November 19th, 2010 - 16:55

    I have the same problem like Yuri. I can see the gallerview preview inside dashboard and it works fine. but when I include it in one of my pages, all full images of the gallery are listed one below the other..
    thank you.

  13. Gravatar Icon 13 jorge Posted November 22nd, 2010 - 16:30

    Hi I would like to know what to do to make integration as in this example: http://spaceforaname.com/panels.html
    they do not show me the buttons back and next.


  14. Gravatar Icon 14 Xochi Posted November 23rd, 2010 - 02:51

    I am having the exact same problem as Yuri and Alex. Seems fine in the admin panel. Does it have to do with the theme. Does the author answer these posts or is there a better place. Thanks.

  15. Gravatar Icon 15 A&A Foto - Artur Posted November 26th, 2010 - 13:23

    To Xochi, Alex and Yuri – Guys the gallery page needs some more code, than just what You have put there. In the WP Admin – go to the GalleryView->options generator – there is the box with full code generated basing on the option You choose.
    In my case it looks like this:

    [galleryview=id: yyy; showPanels: true; showCaptions: false; showFilmstrip: true; panelWidth: 1000; panelHeight: 665; panelScale: nocrop; transitionSpeed: 1500; transitionInterval: 15000; fadePanels: true; frameWidth: 60; frameHeight: 40; filmstripPosition: bottom; pointerSize: 8; frameScale: crop; frameGap: 5; frameOpacity: 0.3; easingValue: swing; navTheme: dark; startFrame: 1; pauseOnHover: true;]

    Put this code to You gallery page with proper Gallery ID and other detailes regarding Your pictures dimension. It sould work then.

    I have a question however – is there a chance this GalleryView didn’t download all the pics from the album at the beggining ?? NextGen just showed thumbs and upon choosing exact picture via thumb – it downloaded the big picture. Any chance it worked the same way with GalleryView ??
    And second thing – is it possible to make it liquid – scaling to users resolution, just like the native NextGen does ??
    Thank You in advance for any help

  16. Gravatar Icon 16 Lesley T Posted December 4th, 2010 - 01:27

    I thought that I got links working in the caption field, but now they are not working. For some reason, the link is translating as this…

    When I just need the link to be:

    I think there is something in nggGalleryViewSharedFunctions.php that is adding the %5C%22 or /”

    but I’m not sure how to correct it or how to change it. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’ve been trying to fix this for about 2 hours, but I’m really not sure what I am doing!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  17. Gravatar Icon 17 Leslie Straw Posted December 5th, 2010 - 04:36

    I installed NextGen and GalleryView but for some reason the GalleryView options panel doesn’t show up as a menu item on the dashboard. Anyone else have that problem?

  18. Gravatar Icon 18 Andreas Posted December 19th, 2010 - 20:57

    Hi Guys,
    i have a little problem.
    Some days before (i think 5-10 days) everything was fine. I have a well performing solution with the previous ngg-version, the GalleryView-Version from John Brien and the previous version of WPML.
    After the last updates (NGG, WPML and WP 3.0.3) i’ve seen that the GalleryView doesn’t work anymore. I remember that NGG asked me for a the permission to convert the database into a new format. Are there any possible imcompatibilities between the new databaseformat and GalleryView?
    Or have i to search my problem in other plugins?

    In the moment i have different codes like
    “[galleryview=id: yyy; showPanels: true; showCaptions: false; showFilmstrip: true; panelWidth: 1000; panelHeight: 665; panelScale: nocrop; transitionSpeed: 1500; transitionInterval: 15000; fadePanels: true; frameWidth: 60; frameHeight: 40; filmstripPosition: bottom; pointerSize: 8; frameScale: crop; frameGap: 5; frameOpacity: 0.3; easingValue: swing; navTheme: dark; startFrame: 1; pauseOnHover: true;]”

    on different pages of my website and wp reads it but the gallery wasn’t shown – there is just a blank. Except for this, the pages looked very well.

    Has anyone else such a problem, or do you (Alex) know something about problems between the new database format and GalleryView?

    Bye Andreas

  19. Gravatar Icon 19 Ian Posted December 21st, 2010 - 22:59

    I have a problem since updating to the newest verson like Andreas above, except the problem is that no matter what size I put in the custom options generator it will only display in the size set as defaults.

    I’m trying to get one slideshow to go back to 940px wide like it did before the updates but it doesn’t seem to generate the correct code. In the wp page I copy the generated code, save the page and then when I check the site it’s the same size as the default (600px).

    Any ideas gratefully accepted.

    Cheers, Ian

  20. Gravatar Icon 20 Paul Posted December 23rd, 2010 - 00:07

    Hi Alex,

    Cheers on a wonderful gallery. I’m trying to show multiple panels (2 to be exact) and was wondering how I would accomplish this. Basically, I currently have my thumbnails aligned on the bottom and the enlarged image above in a carousel-type display. I’d like two images above. I’m using your plug-in in conjunction with Galleryview. Any ideas?


  21. Gravatar Icon 21 Annette Posted December 29th, 2010 - 19:13

    Galleryview is great, but I’ve got one small, inexplicable (to me) problem.

    I’m building a client site with a number of galleries. All are loaded and working fine, except that the last image in any given gallery does not show up in the filmstrip. It does show up in order in the main image frame.

    Any ideas on where this may be going astray? I haven’t done any code scrambling, just using the plugin straight up.

    Any help will be deeply appreciated!

  22. Gravatar Icon 22 akvaskov Posted January 13th, 2011 - 14:29

    I have absolutely the same problem as Ian described (Posted December 21st, 2010 – 22:59). Has anybody solved this bug?

  23. Gravatar Icon 23 Mark O'Leary Posted January 20th, 2011 - 11:45

    Ian and Akvaskov,

    If you set the default options in WordPress Admin galleryview options to the same settings as the options generator it should fix this problem.


  24. Gravatar Icon 24 Ian Posted January 20th, 2011 - 14:45

    Hi Mark

    Thanks for your suggestion, it solves the problem except for the fact that it then makes all the other slideshows the wrong size. It appears that the options generator doesn’t work as it used to before the update and isn’t changing the code correctly, looking at the generated html source it shows the same as the default options.

    Anyone else have any ideas?


  25. Gravatar Icon 25 Benni Wolf Posted January 20th, 2011 - 18:59

    Ter ist a Bug in Shortcode or nggGalleryViewSharedFunctions.php

    you cal add

    if($info["panelwidth"]) $panelWidth = $info["panelwidth"];
    if($info["panelheight"]) $panelHeight = $info["panelheight"];

    in Line 114

    than pannelWidth an pannelHeight will function correctly.


  26. Gravatar Icon 26 Benni Wolf Posted January 20th, 2011 - 19:02

    >> Attribute names are always converted to lowercase before they are passed into the handler function.

    That is why panelWidth is not working.

  27. Gravatar Icon 27 alex.rabe Posted January 20th, 2011 - 19:54

    At the best contact the author of the plugin

  28. Gravatar Icon 28 Ian Posted January 21st, 2011 - 15:01

    Benni you’re a genius! Thanks so much, this has solved it. Alex, sorry for jumping onto this thread, it seemed the best way to get a solution. Thanks for the great plugin.

  29. Gravatar Icon 29 nisha03 Posted March 1st, 2011 - 15:54

    Hi I know this has been mentioned a few times, however I cannot seem to resolve this. The gallery is viewing correctly in the dashboard, however when I view the post the images are in an image list with bullet points. I am unable to get the gallery view to work on the page? An excample of this is: http://www.candyshots.co.uk/galleries/the-academy-17th-feb/

    I would love it if anybody could help, I’m not very technical and I have spent the best part of the day trying resolve this!

  30. Gravatar Icon 30 Anne Posted March 3rd, 2011 - 20:45

    I love the plugin. But, I am having a problem. When loading, the image gallery area expands to around 5000px in height, then shrinks back up to the correct size when the page is fully loaded. Is there anything I can do about that?


  31. Gravatar Icon 31 Shawn Posted March 4th, 2011 - 10:02

    I am also having problem in IE. the panel pictures doesn’t show on IE but working fine on FF. Is there anything i can do to fix that IE bug?


  32. Gravatar Icon 32 Bryan Bowers Posted March 13th, 2011 - 21:16

    Alex, I lost my edited stylesheet (dumb, I know) and can’t find our previous comment interaction on this site back when I needed to modify the tiling of thumbnails. Your help is appreciated. Bryan

  33. Gravatar Icon 33 Wessel van Rensburg Posted March 21st, 2011 - 20:37

    As two other commentators pointed out above, some users have a fundamental problem. We have both the latest versions of the plugin installed but it does not show up in the menus after activation?

  34. Gravatar Icon 34 Wessel van Rensburg Posted March 21st, 2011 - 21:16

    OK, I think I found the problem. On the NDG Gallery page http://nextgen-gallery.com/templates/galleryview/ there is a link to the plugin, that link is wrong.

  35. Gravatar Icon 35 jason Posted March 23rd, 2011 - 01:12

    Hi your program has a bug, for some reason it has decided to post itself in one of my posts for no reason and I cant find a way to remove it or prevent it from doing so. I have even tried deleting my gallery and changing its ID yet it still appears in my post under the latest upgrade, please fix this issue


    shows the page where this fualt is occurring.

  36. Gravatar Icon 36 jason T Posted March 28th, 2011 - 21:39

    Hi, I am using the gallery view plugin on top of the nextgen plugin.

    Everything works but I want to turn off the grey text box so no text is shown and also enlarge the image box to 800×600. I managed to do this in the nggGalleryview/view/gallery-galleryview.php but the image is not resizing to the new box size.

    Any ideas?

  37. Gravatar Icon 37 bitkahuna Posted March 29th, 2011 - 22:39

    Talk about confusing, there’s two different plug-ins being discussed here.

    There’s the “WordPress NextGen GalleryView” by John Brien, version 0.5.2, which uses the galleryview short code, has TONS of options, and has the ‘generate options’ panel in the left side of the admin menu to make things easy. This is NOT what Alex Rabe is referring to.

    Then there’s the “NextGEN Galleryview” by Alex Rabe, with the download link on this page: http://nextgen-gallery.com/templates/galleryview/ – which does NOT have an options panel, and uses the nggallery shortcode, and doesn’t have hardly any options.

    I started out using Alex’s but it has no options for the short code that I can see, so isn’t that helpful. John Brien’s does a bunch.

    Hope that helps.

  38. Gravatar Icon 38 Molson666 Posted March 31st, 2011 - 09:43

    AWESOME…! Thanks so much for the plug-in…

    I know that everyone has built on scripts to make these apps so you can’t take credit for all of it… but your “package” was a breeze to install with great configuration options and documentation… and best of all it WORKS… I’m learning WordPress and – for 1 1/2 weeks – I’ve had a constant headache.. after 12 diff. slide-show app failures… yours finally worked and it looks great!

    I gave ya “5 stars” because -

    … NextGEN functions exactly as stated
    … the other 12 failed and
    … your “install video” is actually legible ;)

    Thanks again… now back to designing…

  39. Gravatar Icon 39 john Posted April 4th, 2011 - 01:11

    I had high hopes that Gallery View would answer my players. It’s close but not there yet. What I’m seeking is a combination of slideshow and picture list rolled into one, similar to iWeb. Ideally the picture list would be the slideshow, with the cursor moving in sync, i.e point to the corresponding thumbnail.

    p.s. maybe this is already available under Gallery View options but there’s no options visible!

  40. Gravatar Icon 40 Hendrik Posted April 9th, 2011 - 01:22

    Hallo Alex,

    this week we reviewed a lot of gallery plugins and then chose 5 to write reviews about for now. NextGEN is among them :)

    So I just wanted to say hi and thanks for your efforts. If you have something to add to the review please let me now.

    Anybody who is interested in the list of the best gallery plugins may visit is here: WordPress Gallery Plugins

    Please feel free to also rate NextGEN so our readers know that it really is an awesome plugin.

    So, again. Thanks a lot

    Greetings from Germany


  41. Gravatar Icon 41 dee Posted October 8th, 2011 - 21:09

    Does any one know how to use galleryview with tags? Doesn’t seem to work if you use the shortcode for this.

  42. Gravatar Icon 42 webbyrå Göteborg Posted October 15th, 2011 - 18:30

    Is there any demo of the plugin?

  43. Gravatar Icon 43 lumicon Posted November 3rd, 2011 - 08:22

    i want to show only one thumb from certain galleries (not all in my site), and when clicking them one could browse through more by back and forth within the lightbox popup.
    the greatest thing would be i could therefor use the exclude checkbox, so that it hides the checked images in thumb gallery mode, but not in full view mode…
    or maybe possible with template…? [nggallery id=13 template=show1]
    thank you!

  44. Gravatar Icon 44 lumicon Posted November 3rd, 2011 - 13:03

    [Plugin: NextGEN Gallery] show only one thumb but all galery imgz to when open

    here again my question, a bit different;

    i want to have one single image, which i normally insert into a wp page and by clicking on it it opens a lightbox window (as my standard works) but with the first image of a nextgen gallery.

    thank you!

  45. Gravatar Icon 45 meg Posted March 12th, 2012 - 17:35

    galleryview works exactly as I want when previewed in the galleryview back end, but on the front end the slider acts weirdly, jumping around and not lining up for the first two slides. So I’m picking up some options from nextgen gallery that are breaking it? Pls help.



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