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Goodbye Flash ?


I’m working now a couple of weeks on a new slideshow options, which is based on pure Javascript, so it’s possible to view them as well on a iPad/iPhone and other mobile devices.  I estimated that it will take just a couple of hours, but I ran into various challenges. I would like to share some of my problems :
First [...]

jQuery takes a flight of fancy ?


WordPress used it, Google use it and also I use it. I’m a big fan of jQuery and the work of this team. But now I get problems in combination with the interface elements. Firefox shows a couple of problems in combination with V1.2.1 and IE7 didn’t work at all…
After I study the forums around [...]

Bugfixes for IIS


So I uploaded a new bugfix release which contain only minor changes for IIS, I hope I catched the most of them. I’m already started the 0.8x branch in the last days, but this next release will take a longer time than in the past. I’m reading all feature wishes and requirements and try now [...]