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NextGEN Gallery V1.9.0 Release Candidate 1


Here is the final version which should be stable enough for production sides. Please help testing now !

NextGEN Gallery 1.9.0 Beta 1


WordPress 3.3 will arrive in the next weeks, so it’s time for the new version of NextGEN Gallery. This version introduces along with WordPress 3.3 the new PLupload feature. I also rework a bit the PNG /GIF format handling, so that transparency images are should be shown up correct.

Security update 1.8.4 and 4.000.000 downloads


Normally I’m happy to announce that NextGEN gallery reached 4 million downloads, but due to a security fixes I need to advice that everybody should update to the latest release 1.8.4. If you whatever reason prefer not to update the plugin, I suggest to download the file tags.php and overwrite this file in your nextgen-gallery/admin folder