Please ensure that you use to the latest public release version 1.11 , otherwise delete the plugin, older version contain a major security bug.
The development is closed and due to the fact that I integrated this feature in my own gallery plugin NextGEN Gallery, I drop the download for this plugin. To avoid further problems I discontinued the hosting and support at my side.

This is the next minor plugin myFlash – a flash slideshow

It’s a combination between the great plugin myGallery from Thomas Boley and the Flash Image Rotator from Jeroen Wijering. I wrote an addon plugin for myGallery, that the content of a single gallery is shown in a Flash Slideshow. Additionally you can add a gallery to your sidebar or header template. You can see a simple header integration at . The pictures are always managed by myGallery and the myFlash plugin automatically creates the XML file for the Flash Image Rotator.

Example :
The orginal myGallery you can see here.


Installation of myFlash

  1. Download the myGallery Plugin from Thomas Boley (I tested version 1.2.1 and 1.3b8). Upload to WordPress and activate the plugin, create a picture gallery.
  2. Download myFlash from this web page, upload to plugins and activate the plugin, too.
  3. Download the Flash Image Rotator from Jeroen Wijering (I tested version 3.2). Upload the imagerotator.swf into the myflash folder.
  4. Now you can add to your post the tag [myflash=GALLERY_NAME]
  5. Change the behaviour and settings in the admin panel section at Options -> myFlash

Integration in sidebar / header

If you want to show a flash in the header or sidebar, just put the following code into your template:

<?php if (function_exists('myflashheader')) { myflashheader(); } ?>

Size parameter for each gallery

You can insert in the post tag a width and height parameter for each gallery : [myflash=NAME,width,height] .This parameters are optional, if they are not set myFlash uses the default values.

Language support :

myFlash is alread translated in english and german, to support the plugin in your language , see here.

Requirement / Tested with follow version

  • PHP V 4.3.7 or higher
  • myGallery V1.2.1 or higher
  • Flash Image Rotator v3.2
  • WordPress V2.0.5 or higher (Ready for WordPress 2.1)

Not longer available

Support request:

I integrated a forum for all question around myFlash. Please request your wishes and problems there.
Please note that I closed the development for this plugin.

History list

Version 1.11 / 01.05.2007
– Bugfix in TinyMCE button

Version 1.10 / 13.01.2007
– Bugfix for tag class (Could overwrite existing header)
– Change Script form ufo to swfobject
– Set width and hight as parameter (IE problem)
– Integrate individual width and height parameter

Version 1.00 / 30.12.2006
– Integrated myFlash button
– Added German Translation

Version 0.99b / 26.12.2006
– First version
– Integration for sidebar / header
– Tested with Flash Image Rotator V3.2


56 thoughts on “myFlash

  1. Mark says:

    c’mon Alex! First you release the fantastic wp-table plugin and now you tempt us with your newest creation, a merge of the mygallery (which I already use) and flash rotator plugins – amazing work!

    I know it’s Christmas and all that, but when do you think this plugin will be released – I’ll put my hand up to be one of the first :)

    Have a great Christmas . . .

  2. alex.rabe says:

    (psst hopefully my wife didn’t see that I’m at the computer)
    I have some vacation days till end of the year…

    Should be enough to finish the plugin

  3. Mark says:

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for your excellent work. Plugin working beautifully :)

    This has to be the best way to manage and display an image gallery in wordpress!


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  7. NOKTA says:

    i think that’s a very nice gallery,i hope i can use it :)

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  10. It’s very cool!!!

    ..but i created a new gallery “header” and there is a conflict with tag p where is the code of myflash and yours id=”header” then the position of the gallery is on the header.
    It is curious :)

  11. alex.rabe says:

    Uh yes, this is a real problem,

    I need to fix that in the script. Please rename the gallery “header” to whatever, but not “header” :-)

  12. Kevin says:

    Absolutely awesome and useful plugin! The only (ONLY) problem I have is that the navigation does not show up and I have the option checked. Also the transition options is set to random but it is only using Fade. The rest of the options seem to work.

  13. Kevin says:

    Yeah, and also the absolute path in the HTML code is not a good idea, try to use relative paths.

  14. alex.rabe says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I feel it’s the same problem like in wordTube, I need to fix that very soon. Have you tried the IE (if possible), there it should be ok…

    It depend on the so called UFO script, I need to change that.

    You get this week a new release

  15. Nobbi says:

    Hi Alex,

    (irgendwie ist mein Track- oder Pingback wohl nicht durchgekommen :-(, also möchte ich mich eben jetzt und hier für Dein Plugin bedanken :-) )

    ich habe ja versprochen, mich mit einem Wunsch zu melden. Jetzt sehe ich aber, dass Du das ja bereits auf der ToDo-Liste stehen hast, nämlich die individuelle Größenanpassung für jede Galerie :-).

    Na klar habe ich als MyGallery-Fan auch Dein Plugin sofortigst ausprobiert und bin einfach nur begeistert! [ (und ein Beitrag vorher) ]

  16. Caroline says:

    This plugin is like a dream come true, but I’m having problems making it show the pictures. The flash is just continuously loading. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the directory with which I set the gallery to upload into (because the gallery works fine) or if I just installed everything funky. The size and other options seems to be working fine, but I also cannot get anything to show up outside a page or post. Any insight into my n00b issues would be of great help. I’m wondering if there’s a solution to this or just an easy way to start again from the beginning.


  17. alex.rabe says:


    I’m not able to find on your webpage the file myextractXML.php.
    Please recheck if you uploaded all files in myFlash and have a look for the file myextractXML.php

    Remind : You need to create the folder myflash and put all files inside

  18. Nobbi says:

    Hi Alex,

    das hat ja wunderbar hingehauen, prima und herzlichen Dank dafür, dass jetzt die Größen für jede Galerie individuell eingestellt werden können.

    Eine Klitzekleinigkeit ist mir jetzt aber wieder eingefallen, die die Leiste (vor, zurück, Text) betrifft. Stelle ich die Höhe des Gesamtbildes entsprechend ein, dann ist diese Leiste unter dem Bild, jedoch habe ich denselben Freiraum auch oben drüber.

    Fein wäre es (vielleicht für einen Deiner nächsten Entwicklungsschritte), dass man die Position dieser “Navileiste” direkt unter dem Bild hat, diese also erst gar nicht das Bild überblenden würde.

    Aber auch hier gilt wieder, dass ich nicht weiß, wie aufwändig und demzufolge machbar dies wäre. Schon mit der jetzigen Lösung bin ich mehr als zufrieden!


  19. Jiku Lee says:

    Hi, Alex.

    Thanks for your greatful plugin, myFlash!

    It is easy to use and simple :)

    Alex, I’ve one question.

    I Think myFlash makes it’s source well-formed xhtml.

    But when I check my website through W3C(, the result of validation is fail.

    Is it really so strange??

  20. alex.rabe says:

    Hi Jiku Lee,

    it depend on you if you need XHTML vaild or not, at the moment I struggle a little bit on the WordPress CDATA bug. See here

  21. Jiku Lee says:

    Thanks for your kindly advise, Alex.

    Now, I’m trying..trying..trying to solve the problem! :)

  22. Ivelin says:

    A lot of thanks for this plugin Alex. It’s hard to find anything valuable for free in the today’s commercialized world, but your plugin is one of these things.

  23. Jiku Lee says:

    I solve the markup-validation problem, Alex.

    I just added comment tag to myflash like below.



    // –>


    Do you know Flash Image Rotator has updated? :)

  24. Jiku Lee says:

    Oh~ :-(

    Some tag in reply has disappeared.

    // < — AFTER: — > | -> !

  25. Jiku Lee says:

    Sorry, Alex.
    It’s so hard to write a message exactly :)

    javascript tag
    CDATA tag

    javascript tag
    comment tag
    CDATA tag

  26. alex.rabe says:

    Thanks for the tip,

    I check this and will implement it in the next update, it’s a real good idea,

    Thanks a lot again !!

  27. Jackson says:

    Hi Alex,

    Great plugin! I’m trying to use your plugin, but when I put the gallery into a post, however all I see is this line:

    Get the Flash Player to see this player.

    I installed the flash player multiple times already and the same message comes up. Any ideas?

  28. Jiku Lee says:

    Hi, Alex.

    I found another way.
    Instead of Adding javascript comment code, Deleting ‘CDATA’ Sstatement. Someone advises me on w3c mailing-list, do not use comment tag nor style tag.


  29. alex.rabe says:


    Send me a link to your page via the forums

    @Jiku Lee
    Mhhh, if I remove CDATA, how did I reach then XHTML validtaion , cause i used ampersand ? PS. : i opened a discussion in the wordtube forum, see here :

  30. Jiku Lee says:

    Even though you remove CDATA, it works well.

    visit my web site and view source code.

    validator(no problem)–

    The reason I removed CDATA code is related to my domain, ‘i–’
    Following SGML rule, double dash(–) inside javascript comment is NOT allowed. So I decided to remove CDATA to get validation. Fotunately no problem.

    I think it’s so funny. Special case in my domain! :-)
    So you don’t need to modify again ’cause other guys can’t make this problem.

    Anyway I really appreciate you.

  31. Jiku Lee says:

    wordpress replace double dash to one dash.
    so url broken.
    not but i-

  32. Jackson says:

    Hi Alex,

    this is the website that I put myflash on.

    Thank you so much for your help.

  33. alex.rabe says:


    same problem like Fanboy with wordTube . Check you template theme, you need to have a wp_head() section.

    Otherwise the swfobject is not loaded….

  34. timetravel0 says:

    Hi Alex, this is a great plugin but unfortunately i cannot make it work. I’ve got the same problem that Jackson had:

    Get the Flash Player to see this player.

    I saw your answer but i didn’t get the meaning:

    Check you template theme, you need to have a wp_head() section.

    I checked in my theme and i don’t have a wp_head() section. Where should i create and what should i put into it?

    Thank you in advance. Daniele.

  35. alex.rabe says:

    Please post upcoming request in the forums , Thanks !

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