Translation of Plugins

All my plugins includes the full support for translation into your language.


WordPress has a integrated translation modul for all languages, the plugin can match it and also translate the plugin.  This is automatic, and only requires the translation file whose names match the value you have set for WPLANG (i.e. en_EN) in your wp-config.php file.


If you would like to help me to translate, then there is always a .po file available in the plugin folder to get you started. Read here to understand how you can translate a WordPress plugin.  Download the tool poEdit ( and you can translate the file.

Please copy and rename (in your language code) the file to translate this with poEdit into your language. This is a screenshot of poEdit for a german translation :


Once you are finished, send the .po file to my email address and I’ll upload them to share it with the next release. Please send with the file  :

– A name / website I should place as credit note (if you like it)
– Confirmation that you are agree to license the translation under GNU GPL.


141 thoughts on “Translation of Plugins

  1. Christian V says:

    Hello Alex,

    I don’t need your plugin now, but I think it’s really a great one.

    So, I translated it into french.

    So, I have new .po end .mo files, but I didn’t found your email address, so I cannot send them to you….

    Send me a mail, I’ll respond with the files.


  2. Rod says:

    I would like to help you to translate in french … but Poedit seems to be down …

  3. Hello!

    I’ve just found your plugin and it seems great! Congratulations, I’ll use it in my blog, so I’m going to translate it in italian.


  4. Anja says:

    Hello Alex,

    I would like to help you translate the NextGEN Gallery in Dutch, but before I’ll send you the file, I would like to check the translations ons my own server.
    Because some translations from English to Dutch can be improved as I can see it on my own pc, before I send it to you to use it for Dutch speaking people.
    It lookes so stupid when there are ‘borecole’ translations in it. As we say it in Dutch.
    I’ve tried it (just with a couple of lines) with the poedit and there was no translation to see at all. Off course I’ve copied the .mo file into the LANG file.
    What can I have done wrong?
    Can you help me, please?

    With regards,
    from and and others.

  5. CZBios says:

    Hi, before i want aplogize for my English. iam from Czech republik and i dont speack realy well.

    So, my problem. i did copy lang/ngallery.po file and rename to lang/ngalleryCS.po and translata it. But, nothing happens. in setings of galery is not any options for choose language. So i did rename and replace lang/ngallery.po by mine. Now ive just one file lang/ngallery.po translated. But, nothing happens again. i dont know already what i must do to translate or load the right file.

    Pls, can anyone help me?

  6. CZBios says:

    Hi, i want apologize for my English. I´m from Czech republik and i dont speak really well.

    So, my problem. i did copy lang/ngallery.po file and rename to lang/ngalleryCS.po and translate it. But, nothing happens. in setings of galery is not any options for choose language. So i did rename and replace lang/ngallery.po by mine. Now i´ve just one file lang/ngallery.po translated. But, nothing happens again. i don´t know already what i must to do.

    Pls, can anyone help me?

  7. CZBios says:

    its NEXTgallery plugin. Pls help. How can i use my translation?

  8. anja says:

    Hello Again,

    I’ve found out why the translation doesn’t work for the NextGEN plugin (in Dutch). So, I have this problem fixed. Now I am started to translate. Give me a couple of days, to check and re-check. When it’s ready and when I think it’s ok, I will send you the .mo and .po file.

    With regards,

    Anja , and others.
    (excuse me for my ‘borecole’ english.

  9. anja says:

    for CZBios, I’ve had the same problem. This is what i have been done to fixe it.
    Go to your wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery,
    click directory ‘js’,
    click directory ‘langs’,
    open (just) a file in an editor,
    edit the text for your own country
    save is as file (I don’t know what it is for the Czech republik but you can look at the files which already excists.)

    Of course, save it in .js
    I hope it will also work for you?

    With regards,


  10. CZBios says:

    for anja:
    Sorry, but it can´t help to me :( i dont know where could be the problem.

    i did exactly like you sad.

    Go to your wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery,
    click directory ‘js’,
    click directory ‘langs’,

    and hier i´ve found 3 files. en.js, en_US.js and de_DE.js. so, i did make a copy one of them and edit it. into this file i did wrote

    // czech lang variables

    desc : ‘Fotogalerie’

    Then i rename it to cs_CZ.js. In wp-content/plugins/ngallery now i have 2 files, one .po and one .mo. Both of them is my translation and his name is cs_CZ.xx

    So i really dont know where is the problem. i miss hier some instructions for these things (documentation).

    So, can you stil help me?

  11. anja says:

    for CZBios,

    I for example what I did,
    I’ve opend the en_US.js file which contains:
    // English lang variables

    desc : ‘Add NextGEN gallery’
    I’ve changed this file in:
    // Dutch lang variables

    desc : ‘Toevoegen NextGEN gallery’

    After that I’ve saved is as: nl_NL

    Next was put the translated file in the directory:

    And after this it works.
    maybe I’m lucky?

  12. anja says:

    Again for CZBios:

    after it i’ve saved it as is incorrect!

    I’ve had the translated file saved with the name:

    Excuses for the preceding report,

    With regards Anja.

  13. CZBios says:


    Finaly, i did it with your help. I must give the most hearty thanks of the world. This is unbelievably.

    From this moment i really recommended to developer this plugin to add language support into seetings this plugin.

    This plugin is so Great and working without errors, but language support was for me pain.

    SO, how i did it? For uder people, which maybe came hier for this advise so.

    I opened file en_US.js by anja advises:

    Go to your wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery,
    click directory ‘js’,
    click directory ‘langs’,

    in this file i´ve found this:
    // English lang variables

    desc : ‘add NextGEN gallery’

    i´ve changed just one word in this file:

    // Czech lang variables

    desc : ‘add NextGEN gallery’

    Now i´ve saved as cs_CZ.js (by your international country code)

    so, i have cs_CZ.js wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/js/langs with few other files. i deleted all without cs_CZ.js

    then i make copy of my translation .mo file and rename it to and copy to


    and reopen wordpress administration.

  14. ICEQ says:


    I have translated the file into Arabic. I didnt find any email of urs to send the file to, how should I contact U ?

    Best regards

  15. Adrian says:

    I’ve sent Indonesian translation for your plugins via email.

    Right now, i still using coppermine-gallery for my family album. I’ll change it to yours immediately when it released as stable version.

    Good job brother!

  16. justulike says:

    hello, I have installed your plugin, but it cannot use in Chinese. when i input chinese into the cell, it will appear as “??” .

    so what can i do to fix this?

    thanks very much

  17. SillyCCSmile says:

    I have translated the file into Traditional Chinese (Taiwan).
    I have my link here and hope it will help.
    You guys really did a fantastic job! Thanks again~
    Best regards,

  18. I am almost finish with a Danish version.
    I will return when its 100% finish.

  19. Vedmak says:

    I translated into Russian / ??????? [ru_RU] and sent the mail.

  20. Pierpaolo says:

    I’ve just found your plugin and it seems great! Congratulations, at now exsis a translation in italian?


  21. Mattias says:

    Swedish translation upcoming :)

  22. Emilio says:

    Good job, Alex! Very nice and useful plugin!

    @Pierpaolo: I’ve done an italian translation for the plugin. I think it’s going to be published.

  23. fads says:

    hi ICEQ

    can u pls send me the arabic translation of nextgen gallery to


  24. Cybel says:


    I’ve tried to download the zip file but it ask for ussername and password!

  25. RiccardoPro says:

    work in progress for italian traslation! :-)

  26. fadi says:

    hi alex,
    i need a little help, i m using an arabic version of wordpress which means everything is from right to left.
    in the admin panel and when i m creating a new post, the gallery tab is overlaping the image upload tab and i cant control it,
    can u help me on this one pls?
    is there a way to control the location of the tab so i can pad it a bit.
    which file control the add gallery tab located in the new post?


  27. fadi says:

    solved thanx

  28. Andrea Starz says:

    Hi Alex,
    i’we installed the plugin: very great!

    Now i hawe translated the pofile for the version 0.72

    Please tell me your email address to send you the files.

    Thank’s a lot


  29. Hello, very nice plugin!
    I have translated it for brazilian portuguese. How can I send you the .po file?

  30. Vasa says:

    I just finished czech translation to version 0.73.

  31. Selvam says:

    I used your plugin in my website.Nice plugin for every WP user…

  32. Hello!
    I just finished russian translation to version 0.73.

    ? ?????? ??? ???????? ??????? ?? ??????? ???? ??? ?????? 0.73.

  33. Joachim says:

    great work !! I will check it out!

    best regards

  34. Hi, Alex. :)

    Very nice plugins, Thank you!
    How to contact you?
    Please send an email to send you a translation of wordTube.

  35. Here is the WordTube Bulgarian language translation:

    If somebody find any mistakes, please contact me via my website.

    p.s. :) Congratulations for the new project Alex and good luck!

  36. Bulgarian localization for WP-Table:

    Sorry for spamming of the post again.
    Greetings from Bulgaria!


    Another Bulgarian translation :)

    // ?????? ??? ?????, ?? ????? ???? ?? ? ????? ? ?????? ?????? ?? ?? ????????, ??? ???? ???????????? ??? ?? ??????? ????????? :) ?????!!!

  38. Yes, AleXander Kirichev, but your translation is for NG Gallery. So, there was not dublicated work. :) Thanks a lot!

    Happy holidays everybody!

  39. Hello again!
    I just finished russian translation to new version 0.74.

    ????????????, ??? ???!
    ? ?????? ??? ???????? ??????? ?? ??????? ???? ??? ????? ?????? 0.74.

  40. Mieszkanie says:

    Is there Polish (PL) translation?

  41. Biometria says:

    Yes, if you make one 😀
    I did. Give me yor email so I can send you.

  42. werwer says:

    can anyone help me displaying arabic fonts?
    I followed the instructions to make the translation file (actually i dont want to change the english words in the menu) and the other other file (under wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/js/langs). but when i write discription in arabic, and save it, it appears like this: (???????? ?????????)

    any one can help?

    Thanx alot if you try to help.

  43. watch video says:

    I would like to help you to translate in turkey … but Poedit seems to be down …

  44. hadimahmud says:

    I think this is good gallery

  45. Myerdogan says:

    I translated to Turkish, How I can send the files to u?

  46. Paul says:


    I translate to the Greek Language the file but i can’t find the way to change the language inside the gallery.

    The ways you describe is not working for me.

    Should i edit a file to tell the gallery to read the Greek “” file

    Please help.

  47. Covi says:

    Please…. delete the Pablo Pérez link, this seems SPAM, and…

    To Dilip Ramirez:
    Hurri up! to your blog, mate…. go go go!.


  48. Covi says:

    Hi again…

    I fixed the errors of translation Spanish about the Width and Height… The author seems have troubles with these words ^^!
    So, the translation can be found at:

    Regards 😉

  49. Covi says:

    Fixed some errors more in the same translation file (Stilo->Estilo, Customizado->Personalizado and more…) ^^

  50. aleX Zhang says:

    Hi Alex,

    I translated your new version NextGEN Gallery 0.82 into Simplified Chinese and I’ve already sent the .po file to your email:
    Please check!

    Your work is great! Thank you for your wonderful plugin!

  51. Hi Alex,

    good job, nice plugin. Just sent you the Hungarian translation…


  52. Alex, I updated my PT_BR translation to the last version of you plugin. It is on the same address.

    Thank you.

  53. madalin says:

    I will start translating your gallery into romanian also later today. Hopefully by nightfall i’ll have it finished :)

  54. Hello Alex,

    I have translated version 0.92 into Russian, the translation is available at
    It will be great if you link to this page as it has not only the translated file but also installation instructions and description in Russian.

    Best regards,
    Igor Shevkoplyas

  55. Hello Alex.

    I finished translating the 0.93 in Greek. Though I saved the file using poEdit in nggallery-el_EL.po and and uploaded both files in wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/lang/ folder, the translation DOES NOT WORK.

    What am I doing wrong? I read all comments but no solution is given.

    Can you help me? Should I send you the files? (Can’t find your mail address)

  56. kretzschmar says:

    Would you mind if I use some/all of your explanation about translating on my site

  57. alex.rabe says:


    No problem…

  58. The Greek (el_EL) translation of NextGEN Gallery is 100% complete.

    Until Alex finds some time to update the language section of NextGEN’s page, greek users can find the translation at:

    Hope it helps…

  59. Joseph says:

    I have a Translation of the Hebrew Langoage
    ???? ????? ?????? ?? ????? ??? ????????
    Where should i send it to ?

    Download location :

  60. Mych says:

    Hi, I am interested in the Ukrainian Translation but each time I click I get challenged for a username and password.

    How do I get a copy of the Ukrainian Translation?

    Many Thanks


  61. alex.rabe says:

    I updated the link

  62. Terry says:

    I can help you with Russian translation if you still need it. Just go to Thanks.

  63. Sven says:

    Bei mit klappt es nicht!

    Warning: move_uploaded_file(/var/www/web1/html/wordpress//var/www/web1/html/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/video.flv) [function.move-uploaded-file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/web1/html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wordtube/wordtube-admin.php on line 963

    Warning: move_uploaded_file() [function.move-uploaded-file]: Unable to move ‘/var/www/web1/phptmp/phpbuGIgo’ to ‘/var/www/web1/html/wordpress//var/www/web1/html/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/video.flv’ in /var/www/web1/html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wordtube/wordtube-admin.php on line 963

    Dateirechte konnten nicht geändert werden/var/www/web1/html/wordpress//var/www/web1/html/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/video.flv!

    und jmd eine Idee woran es liegen könnte?

  64. Carmen says:

    Para los Españoles, Coti, tu enlace TAMPOCO funciona. No hay traducción al Español válida.
    Its not spanish translation yet.
    The Coti’s link is an SPAM too

  65. hagan click para bajar nextgen en español
    click to download nextgen in spanish

  66. Jan says:

    Hi Alex,

    I translated NextGEN Gallery 0.96 into Dutch (I must have overlooked Anja’s existing work before so I started my own)… Please contact me if you’d like to have/include it.

  67. Paolo says:

    Hi, I would like to update the italian translation, is it possible?

  68. kwiko says:

    Hi Alex,


    The french translation of nextgen Gallery is no longer available on the blog of Lise. Could you contact her or do you have a copy of the file?

    Best regards


  69. JuGo says:

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for all your work :)
    That’s amazing !

    I need the french translation of Nextgen Gallery, and kwiki is right, it can’t be dowloaded :(

    I hope Lise’s blog will be soon available.

    Best regards,


  70. JuGo says:

    kwiko, so sorry, not kwiki…

  71. ????? says:

    Good article! This is very helpful for my new blog. Any ideas how to get more readers to a new blog? I’ve had trouble getting traction..

  72. sonika says:

    Here the latest russian translation for Nextgen Gallery 1.0.2

  73. klaus says:

    hi – there is a typo in the german translation:

    in “manage gallery” the button “Überprüfe Verzeichniss nach neuen Bildern” should be “Überprüfe Verzeichnis nach neuen Bildern”.

    and thx for the great plugin!

  74. Bojan says:


    I want to translate nextgen to macedonian language which is simular to serbian, but i seem to have some trouble. Can someone pls give me detailed instructions
    on how to do that . The part with the js files is confusing to me because as described below i cant find those files , they dont exist.

    click directory ‘js’,
    click directory ‘langs’,

    desc : “Fotogalerie”

  75. Many thanks for this plugin!

    If some need photos for blog or website, you can get it at my website:


  76. yanxerip says:

    I Love this plugin.. i decideto developer plugin for wordpress and share in community with database.. Cools jobs From Indonesia… Thxs

  77. Fonso says:

    Gracias nextgen spanish !!!

  78. Hello dear Alex,
    I would like to ask to to place a link to download Czech translation of you wonderful NextGEN Gallery plugin!

    Page for download is

    I confirm that I agree continuing releasing it under GNU GPL licence.

    Have a nice day!

    Libor Jelínek
    Virtage Software (
    Czech Republic

  79. I forgot to say that my Czech translation is for lastest version 1.3.6.

    Place replace your lang page to this up-to-date translation.

    Thanks in advance!


  80. congbien says:

    permalinks for NextGEN Gallery, but 404 not. Help me!!!!

  81. Prowebdesign says:

    Hi, please contact me directly to e-mail – i will send you the translation of the latest version of this plug-in in Latvian language 😉

  82. Hi..

    I translated the missing items in NextGEN Gallery plugin.
    Please, send me a mail, I’ll respond with the updated files.

    Miriam de Paula

  83. I sent the updated .PO and .MO files for Brazilian Portuguese translation to my server and it’s available for download.. link below:

    Míriam de Paula (Drika)
    Tecsite Estúdio Digital.

  84. Flex M says:

    I tried to download the finnish translation, but it just says “Not Found:The requested URL /files/ was not found on this server.”

    So is the finnish-file still available or is gone forever? :<

    Btw, extremely impressive gallery-plugin, the best this far and I think I don't even need to test any other. This works and has all the things I need!

  85. Irina says:

    Russian translation of the plugin Version 1.5.0. is available for download at

  86. PT_BR TRANSLATION WAS UPDATED to version 1.5.5:

    Follow the next link to download the files. Please, update your language download page as soon as possible.

    Thanks from Brazil!

    Miriam de Paula

    Desenvolvimento Web
    Webstandard/ PHP/ MySQL/ WordPress

    MSN: tecsite [at]
    Skype: tecsite_suporte
    GTalk/ GMail: tecsite [at]
    Twitter: @tecsiteweb / @miriamdepaula

  87. DJIO says:

    Just sent you the translation for Brazilian Portuguese (1.5.5 pt_BR)

  88. DJIO says:

    A plugin to help on translation/localization: Codestyling Localization (check official website also)

    Works beautifully!

  89. michl says:

    kleiner fehler in der übersetzung

    albums gibt es nicht, sollte doch alben in dder übersicht heissen

    tolles plugin

  90. uri chachick says:

    hey alex, i’ve translated the latest version to hebrew. i couldn’t locate your mail. i’d be happy if you can write me your email or send me an email so i can send you my translation.

  91. Elvis says:

    Russian translation of plugin Version 1.6.0. is available for download here (added new lines, checked old) –

  92. marco says:

    How on earth do I use these language files? i need Spanish and already have the mo po? any Tuts?

  93. uwe says:

    Great plugin! But: I’m using it with the default german lang file ( and .po in /lang) and it appears always in english. There is always an error message at the NGGallery Overview page: “This translation is not yet updated for Version 1.6.0.”
    Can you help me?

  94. kamiyar says:

    i can translate to persian 😉

  95. Ginchen says:

    “Sollte>>>n<<< jemand Rechtschreibfehler, Deppenapostrophe oder andere deutsche Ungereimtheiten finden (…)"

    😀 😀 😀

    Den Spaß musste ich mir einfach erlauben. 😉 Aber mal im Ernst: Danke für dieses schöne Plugin. Ich benutze es jetzt bald 3 Jahre, und es ist einfach einwandfrei, gut gemacht, gut geschrieben, einfach top.

  96. zahra says:

    Hi dear alex
    how do you do?
    thank you for your works
    pls i want the persian translation of this plugin but i could not download it.would you pls send it to me?

  97. Frank Kramer says:

    ich habe das Problem, daß die Thumpnails alle untereinander angezeigt werden und auch die lightbox nicht funktioniert.
    Das theme ist Canvas von Woo.
    Kann mir jemand sagen, woran das liegen könnte?

    Danke für einen Hinweis.


  98. Frank Kramer says:

    Sorry, hat sich erledigt.

  99. Jong-In Kim says:

    Hi, I’ve updated Korean Language File for NEXTGEN GALLERY 1.7.0.


    above page, it’s still 1.1.0 version for Korean, so please updated to 1.7.0 file.

  100. FYGureout says:


    I made the Hungarian translation of NextGEN Gallery version 1.7.0.

    You can download it here.

    A NextGEN Gallery 1.7.0 magyar nyelvi fájlja a fenti címről letölthető.

  101. I’m translating wordTube and NextGEN Gallery, to the Spanish language spoken in Cuba.
    Just want to know how I can send you the translation.

    Regards Juan Pablo

  102. David says:

    Hey! I’m traslating your plugin in Spanish. I need your email!


  103. Calvin says:

    Hi, is it possible to include the .po file in the plugin folder, so in case the translation is not updated for the latest version, users can update it from the latest version of .pot file and translate the add strings rather than translate it from scratch.

    I’m thinking of updating the simplified Chinese translation.

  104. Brazilian Portuguese translation finished for 1.7.3 version:

  105. Lena says:

    There was a remarkable plug-in in Russian, have insisted, that has replaced with yours. Now I understand nothing. Superfluous blanks between a photo have appeared. Where I can not correct to find.
    People, please, don’t force to be updated, without transfers into other languages… Dense I the person, to languages not trained. :(

    And russification somewhere can be downloaded?.


  106. Hello!
    I have the translation for 40% of the plugin in Spanish.
    Send me an email and I can keep you update of the translation.


  107. Brazilian Portuguese translation updated for new release:


  108. BCN says:

    Hi Alex,

    I’m using NextGen too and I would like to help you with translations. Please tell me wich languages you still need. I might arrange something!

  109. hossein says:

    i used wp-table its wonderfull just
    when i used arabic lag in table all will published in to this form ????????

    what should i do?
    how can i use this plg

  110. NICK says:

    Sorry~i can’t fine the link to download po file!! can you please send it to me~ i would try to translate it into Traditional Chinese!! THANK YOU~

  111. Hi!

    I translated Nexgen gallery 1.8.3 into Ukrainian language:

  112. panglima says:

    try to go to my web link.

    the first page have the table, but, not support arabic font ???

    i tested first in XAMPP in computer, and it support. but when I make it in this link, it become ?????? only.

    can you help me?

  113. DDLX says:


    we translated your plugin NextGen Gallery in version 1.9.1,
    in french language.

    it is available at the following url :

  114. Roger says:

    Hallo, Als erstes möchte ich mich für die Arbeit an NextGEN Gallery bedanken! Dieses Plugin ist wesentlich besser und bietet genau die Funktionenn die man bei den standardmässigen Galerien von WordPress schmerzlich vermisst.

    Mir ist ein kleiner “Bug” aufgefallen: die Beschriftung zur Bildernavigation scheint irgendein Problem mit deutschen Umlauten zu haben- “Zurück” wird bei mir so angezeigt: Zurück.. Hier sollte man besser auf Umlaute verzichten.

    Ausserdem gibt es bei mir und bei sehr vielen anderen Nutzer Probleme mit den Miniaturansichten, WordPress spuckt folgende Fehlermeldung aus: Error : Exceed Memory limit. Require : 47.09 MByte)

    Hier findet man eine Lösung für das Problem

    Ich habe leider wieder mal das Problem dass ich keine ausreichenden Berechtigungen habe und WordPress akzeptiert die geänderte PHP Datei wieder mal nicht. Updates kann ich dagegen problemlos installieren, wäre echt cool vo euch wenn ihr die beiden Probleme mit einem Update beheben könntet!

  115. Tom says:

    I might translate these files to finnish when i get back to home.

  116. Suslik says:


    I just finished Estonian translation for version 1.9.2. How could I send you the files?

  117. christian says:


    im Untermenu ‘Zugriff’ steht drin ‘Optionen änderen’. Das letzte ‘e’ ist zu viel :)

  118. Your plugin is great and rather easy to use (as well as wordpress);
    I am french and it seems translated correctly but can you tell me how I can change “show as slideshow” in the pages of my website to the french translation?
    wordpress 3.3.2-fr_Fr and nextgengallery 1.9.3) Have I something to change in mo or po files and to which ones?
    I’have no found

    Sincerely and hurrah!

  119. lisette says:

    ook in het hollands?????????????????

  120. zen-kom says:

    How can i submit a .po/.mo-file for the french 1.9.6 version ?
    Best regards

  121. I have finished the transaltion into SPANISH of NextGEN Gallery v.1.9.12

    Here are the .mo and .po files

    Hope the best, this is a great plugin !!

  122. Yoolia says:

    “Sollten jemand Rechtschreibfehler, Deppenapostrophe oder andere deutsche Ungereimtheiten finden, freue ich mich jederzeit über einen kurzen Hinweis”

    Kleiner Mischmasch aus 2 Sätzen, glaub ich. Entweder “Sollte” oder “Sollten jemandem auffallen”.

    In NextGEN Gallery Übersicht Übersetzung Credits


  123. Roman says:

    Unfortunately translate completely plug-in version 2.0.31 will not work. The file nggallery.pot missing a lot of words to translate :-(.

  124. FiXik says:

    Hi, I have Polish translate to version 2.0.33, where I can update to share it?

  125. bisms says:


    How can I become a member of your site?

  126. dayan says:

    hi bro
    thanks for this great plugin !

  127. Dave says:

    Hi! I ‘m searching for the nggallery.pot from the version 2.0.40 but i found only the older version (1.91). Have you idea where can i find the new pot ( if ther’s one) to create the translation package for italian language?

  128. Hallo, post some link in topic, where to download NextGen Gallery, when people want to download,they visit that page and cant find, exactly russians

  129. Kolass says:

    А русский перевод планируется? (russian translate where?)

  130. Volker says:

    Hallo Alex,
    in der NextCellent Gallery forderst Du Nutzer in einem Hinweisfenster auf, Rechtschreibfehler und Ähnliches zu melden. Gerade in diesem Text selbst ist einer versteckt: Es muss natürlich “Sollte” und nicht “Sollten” heißen, nicht wahr?
    Viele Grüße

  131. Thanks for sharing the plugin :)

  132. Topnaz says:

    Gracias nextgen spanish !!!

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